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Extra Benefits For '2023 Seasonal Sponsors'

What are the (extra) benefits of signing up in advance to be featured throughout ALL of 2023's Games Festivals (and the mega engagement of interested new potential clients/customers, hopefully converting into sales)?

Well, I'd like to share what they are for UKWT/me AND what they are for you.

If these extra benefits (just for '2023 Seasonal Sponsors') aren't perfect for you then no worries at all.  I just wanted to make them available, to set us all up to help our planet and wildlife as much as possible during 2023...

(You're still called a 'Seasonal Sponsor' as every month you'll be renewed and featured again and introduced again and celebrated and promoted again - to our established as well as our growing databases/audience - under each month's new THEME).

Benefits For UKWT

It's important that we are totally up front with each other so here are the ways that UKWT benefits...

- There's quite a few costs (website, email, essential software & maps) that I currently fund through monthly subscriptions but would love to have the funds to pay for up front for the year, dropping our UKWT costs overall.

- Securing and organising as many '2023 Seasonal Sponsors' as possible (to feature, celebrate and promote during all of 2023 - under a new theme each month) saves me time inviting and organising monthly Seasonal Sponsors & monthly renewals and I can invest that time into growing UKWT faster and being able to help more wildlife - especially all of the orphans - as we operate through Spring & Summer (crazy season)!

Benefits For You

As well as all of the extensive general benefits that all Seasonal Sponsors receive - see the LONG BENEFITS LIST - you'll receive these exclusive, extra benefits described below....


- Bespoke Promotional Blog Post...  From my previous career in media, I have paid experience drafting magazine articles, press releases & programme pitches.  I'd like to utilise this skillset to help more of our audience connect with and find out about you.  I am starting a UKWT blog specifically to educate our databases/audience on why living in harmony with our planet is so important and how/why it prevents lots of our wildlife even needing to be rushed to Rescues/Vets for medical care (focusing on prevention, rather than just the cure).  As well as general 'how to live wildly' blog posts, I'd like to feature '2023 Seasonal Sponsors' in bespoke, promotional posts, about how/why your company in particular helps us all to live a little more wildly.  This allows me to both promote companies (and your products and services) that I believe in - to help us all, as a planet, to thrive - whilst offering something unique back to any Sponsors who have committed to be featured throughout all of 2023.


- Additional Promotion...  You will be featured in our exclusive Driver's Raffle.  Specifically: to thank our Volunteer Drivers across the UK for regularly giving up their time (transporting poorly/orphaned wildlife to urgent care) I am going to be holding one extra free raffle (with a prize of up to £30) for just our Volunteer Drivers to enter and win.  Our Drivers Lists are in the 100s, not the 1000s, like our Vet Databases (yet) but they are an incredibly engaged and committed community who will enjoy the personal connection of getting to know the Seasonal Sponsors who are keeping them on the road - funding fuel when needed - to help them to help wildlife.

- You'll Benefit From A Triple Layered Promotional Pattern...  Our databases & online audiences are invited to find out about our Seasonal Sponsors, browse your products & services and choose their favourite products/services as potential prizes, that they'd love to win...

'Starting Out' Exposure:  The month that you are first featured in one of our Games Festivals and when all of our databases (everyone that we work with, like Vet Practices, Wildlife Rescues, Volunteer Drivers & members of the public that we have helped) & online audiences are first invited to find out your company & browse your products and services to choose their favourites, to try and win them as prizes.

Repeat Exposure: The following months (throughout the rest of 2023) our same databases & audiences are invited to find out even more about you each & every new month & reminded why you're great (or perhaps they didn't give you the attention that you deserved the first month, but this month they want to find out all about you) and why they might like to purchase your products/services, even outside of winning them as prizes.

Extra 'Each New Month' Exposure: Our UKWT structure is currently in a state of massive expansion (which is part of the reason I am so excited about our Games Festival funding our work, whilst also helping our Sponsors to make money and keep growing & doing your important work too) and by 2024 we will be working with every Vet Practice in the UK and will have recruited 100s - if not 1000s - of new Volunteer Drivers.  Currently, our databases are growing every week, so each new month 100s of newly admitted professionals in our community will be invited to play the Games Festival for the first time and find out about our Seasonal Sponsors (a whole new extra nationwide audience, every single month). 

Repeat Exposure


Extra 'Each New Month' Exposure

'Starting Out' Exposure

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