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Wildlife Care Effort

Dear Reader, 

Thank you for giving me your time.  I have worked for weeks on this proposal/plan of action so that we can help 100,000s of lives.  I never dreamt that we could help on such a scale but we can.  Here’s how/why I have made these plans that I am so excited about…


I never thought that I’d be writing this announcement.  When I first launched UKWT, I wasn’t able to see in advance how we could help on this scale.  Now I know that we can be of service to Wildlife Carers & wildlife themselves, beyond any of my original, wildest aspirations.


I spent almost 2 years (from August 2020 - June 2022) running/coordinating UKWT.  I couldn’t ignore what I was discovering, in all of my conversations with Vet Practices and Wildlife Rehabbers…  I couldn’t ignore that there was no nationwide structure to really support injured/poorly/orphaned wildlife (without a lot of them falling through the gaps or being handed to people, whether Vet Practices or Rehabbers, who weren’t actually set up to help them)…


That’s not to say that these people weren’t very kind, hard working and animal loving.  It’s just that, in the UK, we don’t have any official structures in place to coordinate, unite and support Vet Practices & Wildlife Rescues so that everyone can offer a high level of wildlife treatment/rehabilitative care.


I love our planet and I think that we all deserve to thrive together.


In running UKWT, I was speaking to Vet practices and Rescues across all of the UK and almost anyone in my position would have been able to see the patterns emerging: the love that every single person had for wildlife and yet the lack of structural support that was preventing everyone being able to offer a high, reliable standard of nationwide wildlife care.


It wasn’t hard to see (as most people with my fortunate overview would have been able to) what was needed to devise a structure that would support everyone to be able to care for our wildlife more.


All I have done (and anyone else could have done this too) is have a lot of conversations and ask a lot of questions and collect a lot of data, from which to develop some supportive solutions.  (Generally, this means that I have been showing the data to Veterinary wildlife experts & Wildlife Rehabbers and then uniting all of their proposed solutions).


I have found it strange and challenging, to go from just running UKWT (which was in itself so simple and pure) to becoming aware of this bigger picture.


I could have just kept on focusing on UKWT but we would have been increasingly limited (as demand continued to grow) in the help we were actually offering. 


With no wildlife regulation in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, it has always been very hard to tell, from the outside, which Wildlife Rescues we could work with to actually & properly serve wildlife.  Allocating time to develop & launch the Wildlife Care Badge has been essential.  The WCB has also started uniting Vet Professionals & Wildlife Rehabbers across the UK and has started to establish nationwide wildlife care procedures too.  (You can find out more in our ‘Wildlife Care Proposal’).


With regards to working with Vet Practices while running UKWT (picking up from and/or transporting to) there have also been a lot of challenges.


A lot of Vet Practices (even though they are filled with incredibly skilled, dedicated, animal caring professionals) are still catching up on the increasing demand for wildlife care and sometimes important info about each casualty - in a very busy Practice - can be missed.  For example, having Wildlife Admission forms and records for each wildlife casualty is not common in some Practices and so, when we have picked up wildlife to transport onto Rescues, we would sometimes be transporting them without important information that the Rescues could have used to give the casualties the best chance of recovery.  


What I have called my ‘Wildlife Care Proposal’ is 31 pages long!  It outlines my plans in a lot of detail.  If you approve of my ideas (if you too can see how we can help 100,000s of wildlife casualties/orphans across all of the UK) and can support our efforts, I would be extremely grateful.  I have created Funding Schemes, to help us to generate the revenue that we need to accomplish our goals.


Thanks for reading, Alana xx


C/o UK Wildlife Transporters & the Wildlife Care Badge.  Here's the 'Wildlife Care United Effort' Proposal/Presentation (slide by slide).  The Proposal/Presentation is also available in pdf form on request.  Contact

[This presentation is best to be viewed on computer/tablet.  You can see the mobile friendly version HERE.]

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