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'About Alana'


"Most of my work is so behind the scenes now: coordinating with Wildlife Rescues & Vet Practices to offer them their own Volunteer Drivers teams, so that they are supported to help wildlife.  


Equally, the Wildlife Care Badge, though absolutely essential as a foundation for the running of UKWT, again runs entirely behind the scenes (apart from public meetings and Facebook posts) through a lot of calls and emails.

(Some of these kind testimonials reference my work behind the WCB: I'd like to just add here that, because they are testimonials about me, to support my fundraising efforts, they don't reference everyone else who created the WCB and who is just as important in its development & progress.  You can find those people HERE & please especially note Lucy Steele from Wild Things).

As a consequence, when I appear on the UKWT Facebook group, fundraising for wildlife work that you have not seen much evidence of, my urgent fundraising can sometim
es fall (understandably) on deaf ears.

As my work - through the WCB and UKWT - is incredibly important (check it out HERE) and I need to fund it, to help 1000s of wild lives, I have started asking some of the Wildlife Professionals I have been working with to share their opinions on the work & service I have been providing the last few years.

Hopefully, these testimonials will play a part in helping me to build a renewed trust with our UKWT audience, so that I can always fundraise to help as many wild lives as possible." - Alana



" Alana’s work is vital to setting standards throughout the otherwise-unchecked world of wildlife rehabilitation.  She is continuously helping to orchestrate change with innovative ideas and never allows anything to settle on sub standard methods which could result in an animal suffering. "



“ Alana’s work is vital.  Vital in so many ways that often aren’t even apparent.



Alana works tirelessly behind the scenes trying to make a difference for all the lost & injured souls that sometimes just need help in getting from A to B, to receive the life saving care they need from an experienced individual.


The Wildlife Care Badge holds so much weight, in order to ensure the rights of the wild animal are being met to the correct standard.


I have every belief that with the initiative and sheer passion that Alana oozes, she will make an outstanding difference to all animals in need of a voice. XX ”


" Alana is a very caring professional lady and has helped Corvid Dawn with bird transport, which I don’t know what the birds would of done without. 


She’s also responsible for the Wildlife Care Badge which is essential to Rescues all over the UK: speaking from experience we take in very poorly birds every year from inexperienced Rescues and Home Rehabbers which can be very tricky.


The wildlife transport alone is a must but the Wildlife Care Badge is so important to regulate the care of wildlife in the UK.  It’s a pleasure to work with her and she clearly has a passion for what she does and the animals in her care. "



“ I’ve been working with Alana for the last 9 months after going for the Wildlife Care Badge and chatting to her about her vision.


I am awed by her constant dedication to both wildlife and making the badge work. ”



UK Wildlife Transporters have really helped my small little Rescue find transport for wildlife to us or Vets or to other Rescues. Without them we are really left in the dark especially in the Welsh area where Rescues are few and far in between. Please donate to keep this important organisation open: if you love wildlife, by keeping them open you are literally saving lives.


Alana is incredibly dedicated and has worked really hard to bring lots of professionals in the rehab and vet sector together to try and unite everyone to one agenda which is to ensure the care we give wildlife is of the same quality standard.


She has achieved this momentous task already and I do not think anyone else would have been able to. Due to her being outside of the rehab and vet world she has been best placed to assist ensuring we work together to save wildlife. 



“ The WCB is such a fantastic scheme. I feel proud that my rescue has it but it’s all thanks to the wonderful Alana, who has worked behind the scenes and many hours to get this wonderful badge up and running. She’s amazing, always so helpful and so trustworthy. Thanks again to Alana for this amazing badge.



The first time I met Alana she helped to transport three baby rabbits who were going to die if they didn’t get to me that night. She took full responsibility to send the animals to me when others fell short.


Alana’s work is highly critical in helping animals in need of help outside of regular catchment areas.  She is working to aid more animals into ALWAYS getting the correct treatment from high welfare Rehabbers.


She offers a new source of support to Vets: developing a new bridge and supportive structure between & around very wildlife experienced Vets and less wildlife experienced Vets which is in turn helping in wild animal welfare across the UK.


I highly support the work that Alana is doing and personally have seen great outcomes from many of the cases she has been involved in.


She has provided Wildlife Rescues with incredibly reliable and dedicated drivers. 

- Emily has provided the testimonial as herself, not a representative of RSPCA Oak & Furrows.


" I first spoke to Alana in early 2020 when she rang to pick my brains about standards in wildlife rehabilitation.


Over the years I have worked closely with Alana on the Wildlife Care Badge and watched her develop and run UK Wildlife Transporters.


She is extremely dedicated and I’ve had countless meetings and conversations with her long into the night to try and ensure things are done properly.


Personally, I have used UK Wildlife Transporters on multiple occasions and think it an essential service. The care and consideration that has gone into the idea is fantastic. I’m not sure I’ve met many people with such an eye for detail and strong work ethic as Alana. "

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