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Our UKWT aims are…


In order to ensure that we stand for high welfare wildlife rehabilitation efforts, we match the Wildlife Care Badge statement that all wildlife casualties across the UK should be helped/treated/served in such a way as to align with these basic rights...


- The right to only be taken (to lose their power and independence) into a Rescue/Vets Practice when it is strictly necessary in order to try and save them or because they will not survive without intervention or because they will have a terrible death when a kinder, easier death could be offered.


- The right to only be treated by someone (be that a Rescue or an independent Rehabber) who has suitable premises and a minimum level of knowledge to offer a high welfare environment and to give that wildlife casualty/orphan the greatest chance possible to survive/get better/grow into an adult (this necessitates a Rescue/Rehabber having either Vets on site or a good working relationship with a local Vet).


- The right to be treated as an individual creature and a unique case (just like we humans always expect to be treated by our hospitals and doctors) - seeing what treatment suits them as an individual, giving them every chance possible - with only their welfare in mind.


At UKWT we play our part in supporting UK wildlife rehabilitation efforts by offering a nationwide structure that serves our UK wildlife: doing our best to ensure that poorly/orphaned wildlife always have a safety net to pick them up and help them.  We do this by supporting Vet Practices and Wildlife Rescues - across the UK - by ensuring that they have full transport support, so that every every wildlife casualty/orphan who gets found by a UK citizen who can’t drive (or every wildlife casualty who finds themselves in a Vet Practice, needing to be moved onto more long term rehabilitation facilities, like a local Rescue) is able to quickly & efficiently (and in high welfare conditions) be transported by a Volunteer Driver to a high welfare Wildlife Rescue, be housed in the best environment for their well being and to receive any urgent care that they require, to hopefully give them a second chance at a new, wild life.


As an organisation at the heart of a network of Vet Practices nationwide, we are also supporting the efforts of the WCB by offering their Vet Wildlife Support Package to every Vet Practice in our Vet Database (which is every Vet Practice in the UK).  The VWSP is a collection of ‘How To Guides’ created by wildlife experienced Vet Professionals, to enable less experienced Vet Professionals to treat wildlife casualties/orphans when they are dropped into practice, by members of the public (before they are moved on to local Wildlife Rescues/Rehabbers).


Finally, it is very important to UKWT that we offer a safe, uplifting, professional and emotionally supportive online community hub for our Volunteer Drivers & Admin Volunteers to feel supported in their efforts.

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