Want To Volunteer As A Transport Driver?

Countless animals are lost unnecessarily every day because of transport issues. Let's change that!


If you can help, please follow these steps...




1. Read our TRANSPORTERS GUIDANCE carefully (to make sure you are comfortable with the required tasks).

2. Complete this SIGN UP FORM (it opens in a new window)  to sign up to be a Volunteer Driver.

3. Either purchase these 2 VET APPROVED TRANSPORT CONTAINERS that you NEED to be able to transport wildlife casualties OR request to have them DONATED TO YOU, for your use, while you volunteer for UKWT.

4. Either purchase this DISINFECTANT (to clean the containers between transport jobs) or ASK FOR IT TO BE FUNDED FOR YOU.

5. If you haven't already done so, join the UK WILDLIFE TRANSPORTERS FACEBOOK GROUP to see details of wildlife needing transport help in your news feed and be tagged when help is needed in your area.

You are amazing!



Do I need to commit to a minimum availability or number of journeys?


ONLY if you are asking for the 2 Transport Containers (that you need to use for Transport Jobs) to be donated to you.  The only stipulation in that case will be...  If we contact you more than 3 times (in a row) to ask for your help with a Transport Job during the hours that you have stated on your form that you will be available and you do not answer or are unable to help - you will return the carriers to us (for us to donate to another Driver) at your own expense, within one week.

If you are purchasing your own Transport Containers, just give us some idea of your availability and we’ll be in touch if and when we have a casualty in need of transport help in your area.  If you can’t help, that’s totally fine.