About Us

We are a UK based, non-profit organisation (run by a team of dedicated Volunteer Co-ordinators) overseeing a national network of wildlife-loving Volunteer Drivers, who all give up their time (and use their own vehicles) to respond at short notice to help get injured/poorly UK wildlife to UK Rescues/Rehabbers ASAP.

Up to 3 out of every 10 wildlife casualties found in the UK can end up passing away purely because they couldn't be transported to Rescues/Rehabbers quickly enough/at all...  


We're here to change all that....

We aren't 'speciesist' - We love all wildlife species equally and reckon they ALL deserve a chance to get to a rescue to get the care they need, to return to their lives/families in full health.  We all have our place in our wonderful eco-system. 



Our Team

Alana founded UK Wildlife Transporters during August, 2020.

Alana is accompanied by incredible Volunteer Transport Co-Ordinators who make it all possible.


You will be speaking to one of us when you phone our TRANSPORT REQUEST NUMBER if you have found a wildlife casualty. 

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