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About Us

We are a UK based, non-profit organisation that recruits, equips (with carriers & disinfectant) and funds fuel costs for a national network of wildlife-loving Volunteer Drivers who all give up their time (and use their own vehicles) to respond at short notice to help get injured/poorly UK wildlife to medical care (or sanctuary spaces) ASAP.

We aren't 'speciesist' - We love all wildlife species equally and reckon they ALL deserve a chance to get to a rescue to get the care they need, to return to their lives/families in full health.  We all have our place in our wonderful eco-system.



A. When a Volunteer Driver has joined our database, we get them equipped with 2 carriers (one large, one small) and Defra approved disinfectant.

B. Once our Drivers are set up with the right equipment, they are asked to look at our MAP of the Rescues that we currently support (a Vet Map is also launching early 2023) so that they can choose which Rescues they would like to drive for. (We only allocate Drivers to those Wildlife Rescues who are either large centres or who have the Wildlife Care Badge).

C. We make a note of if the Driver would like to have more hands on training (from the Wildlife Rescues they're driving for - to become trained in capture/containment & in first aid, for example). 


D. We make sure that our Drivers know the basics about welfare during transport (eg. Silence, securing the carrier with a seatbelt, no open windows, having a towel over the carrier so that the casualties can be relaxed in darkness until they reach medical help).


E. Every Rescue that we support has their own 'Drivers List' (made up of the Drivers that we recruit, equip & fund, who have chosen to drive for them) so - once the new Driver has chosen their preferred Rescue(s) - we place the Driver onto their chosen List(s) and let the Rescue(s) in question know that they have some new Drivers who would like to drive for them (those Rescues generally send out an email, making contact and getting the Drivers to agree to their own welfare practices etc).  If the Driver has stated that they want more hands on training, it is included next to their name of the Driver's List, so that the Rescue is aware.


F.  Once a Driver has transported a casualty, if they want fuel expenses covered, they fill in our expenses form and WE reimburse the fuel expense (not the Wildlife Rescue/Vet). 


Our Team

Our Team

I (Alana) founded UK Wildlife Transporters during August, 2020.

I am accompanied by incredible Volunteer Administrative Support.


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