About Us

We are a UK based, non-profit organisation that recruits, equips (with carriers & disinfectant) and funds fuel costs for a national network of wildlife-loving Volunteer Drivers who all give up their time (and use their own vehicles) to respond at short notice to help get injured/poorly UK wildlife to medical care (or sanctuary spaces) ASAP.

We aren't 'speciesist' - We love all wildlife species equally and reckon they ALL deserve a chance to get to a rescue to get the care they need, to return to their lives/families in full health.  We all have our place in our wonderful eco-system.



A. When a Volunteer Driver has joined our database, we look up their nearest Wildlife Rescues (they must have the WCB or a vet report approving their premises to be on our list) & Vets Practices and we check through our info on what carriers the local Rescues/Vets think the Drivers need to be a 'Wildlife Transport Driver' in that area (each Driver will be equipped with 2 carriers and 1 disinfectant).

B. We equip the Drivers with the right carriers & disinfectant for the local Rescues & Vets Practices that they will serve.


C. We make sure that our Drivers know the basics about welfare during transport (eg. Silence, securing the carrier with a seatbelt, no open windows, having a towel over the carrier so that the casualties can be relaxed in darkness until they reach medical help).


D. We make a note of if the Driver would like to have more hands on training with they local Wildlife Rescue (to become trained in capture/containment & in first aid, for example).


E. We introduce the 'Ready-To-Go' Drivers to their nearest Wildlife Rescues & Vets Practices (by email) to go onto their lists of Volunteer Drivers to call on, when they need transport for a wildlife casualty.  (We also let the Wildlife Rescues know if the Driver would like to have training - if it is of use to the Rescue - to be more hands on, if possible).


F.  Once a Driver has transported a casualty, if they want fuel expenses covered, they fill in our expenses form and WE reimburse the fuel expense (not the Wildlife Rescue/Vet). 



Our Team

Alana founded UK Wildlife Transporters during August, 2020.

Alana is accompanied by incredible Volunteer Administrative Support.


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