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Want To Volunteer As A Very Important UKWT Admin Volunteer?


Do you LOVE our UK wildlife?  Would you like to help them from the comfort of your own home?  UKWT has some Volunteer positions that we'd love to fill, to help as many wildlife casualties as possible, across the UK.  Does one of the options below sound like your perfect volunteering opportunity?

[These Volunteer roles are available either while we continue to fundraise - to be in a position to help up to 10,000 wild lives this year, by starting to create a permanent national infrastructure - or if you'd like to support us long term, enabling us to help even more, that would be greatly appreciated too.  Check out the Emergency Fundraiser.]



(This ideally needs 3 people dedicating up to 5 hours each a week to thinking of new ways - and acting on ideas - to reach UK citizens who would love to become Volunteer Wildlife Drivers)…  We want to be playing our part to save the lives of 120,000 wildlife casualties every month, across the UK, by 2028.  We are going to need 1000s of drivers spread out across the UK, supporting their local areas).




Monitoring our Drivers Database and contacting any new Driver applicants within a few days, equipping them with carriers and disinfectant and then asking them which of their local Rescues and Vet Practices (showing them our two maps, with the Vet Practices & Wildlife Rescues that we are supporting) that they want to drive for and moving them onto those lists. (We already have one great Volunteer helping with this and we are looking for another to work alongside her).




Committing to a minimum 5hr shift, once a week, during 9-5hrs, taking telephone calls from Vet Practices & members of the public who require transport help for wildlife casualties/orphans & securing Rescue spaces for the animals, as well as finding the nearest Drivers, securing one of them to kindly do the transport job and monitoring the safety of the Driver until they get home.



Would you like to help the Wildlife Care Badge (an important partner of UKWT) get this Vet Wildlife Support Package out to Vet Practices across the UK, so that they can help more wildlife casualties?


[This package was created BY wildlife experienced Vets, FOR Vets Practices across the UK, to help Vets Practices to more quickly and easily treat wildlife casualties that get brought into them by members of the public, before they are transported on to local Wildlife Rescues for longer term rehabilitation.]



Coordinating between UKWT and all of the Vet Practices & Wildlife Rescues that we are supporting: for every new Vet Practice and/or Wildlife Rescue that we add to our maps, to support with our Volunteer Wildlife Drivers, I need a wildlife loving Admin Volunteer whose role it is to create a new list of Drivers just for them.  This involves….  Letting our databases of Volunteer Wildlife Drivers know - by a mass email - when we have new some new Vet Practices & Wildlife Rescues on our maps and asking them to check if they are in their area and if they want to serve them as one of their Volunteer Wildlife Drivers.  Once the Drivers who are local to the new Vet Practices & Wildlife Rescues have got back to us to confirm that they are happy to transport for them, the next step is making up a bespoke list for each Wildlife Rescue & Vet Practice (with the Driver names and numbers on) for the Vet Practices & Wildlife Rescues to start utilising.




1. Complete this SIGN UP FORM (it opens in a new window)  to sign up to be a UKWT Admin Volunteer.

2. If you haven't already done so - and are on Facebook - join the UK WILDLIFE TRANSPORTERS FACEBOOK GROUP.

You are amazing!

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