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UK Wildlife Transporters is a very small organisation (founded and run by me, Alana Hurd) with the help of a team of Volunteer Transport Coordinators. 


We maintain a UKWT 'pot' from which we fund Drivers' & other limited costs.

We DO need your help to keep going - to keep helping & never saying 'No' to a casualty, no matter the distanceespecially during this time of crisis.

Here's some fun ways to Shop/Support... 

Bag on shoulder.jpg

Shop from our UKWT Animal & Eco Friendly merchandise.



Buy 'Tropic Skincare' products (Vegan, Cruelty Free, Eco Friendly, NO CARBON FOOTPRINT & WASTE FREE) from THIS LINK (ONLY use this link) and UKWT will get 25% of the price of the skincare you buy for our 'pot'.


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