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By purchasing this e-handbook, find out how you are wild & perfect AND raise £15,000 to go towards helping 10,000 wild lives this year...

Pre-Order the handbook,

'Our Planet - A Love Story'.


You can choose to go into 1 of 3 FREE raffles, when you purchase this handbook.  Scroll down to find out more...


"I'm Alana - I founded and run UKWT.

I think of UKWT as my 'wild emergency service' because my main organisation is Wildscaping Worldwide: a non profit dedicated to enabling us humans to have an honest relationship with ourselves, our planet & all other creatures.

I am just launching possibly the most important bit of work I have ever done: a handbook [see below] called 'Our Planet - A Love Story'...

It's being published by/on 9th July 2023 & everyone who preorders it will have an E-Book copy emailed to them, with a personal 'Thank You'.

To wildly celebrate its launch the first 3000 purchasers get a FREE raffle ticket to win their choice of one of 3 prizes...


On top of that...  


Every penny from the launch of this handbook will be donated to UKWT's fundraising efforts to ensure that at least 10,000 struggling UK wildlife casualties/orphans get emergency medical/rehabilitative care this year.



'An Honest Relationship With Ourselves & Our Planet - A Guiding Handbook'

Our world is structured & designed to enable us all to thrive...  We just need to be honest with ourselves & our planet.

"This 'Honest Handbook' is - I think - unlike any other book you will have ever read before.  It offers a refresh of the reality that we exist within, enabling us to be true to ourselves and our planet: empowering all of us with potent opportunities to live our best lives, both as individuals & as our planet, in an unprecedented manner."

It is my opinion that the impact of this handbook upon ourselves & our whole world cannot be overestimated.




My background is quite eclectic and I started my professional life in TV.  Before I left TV to follow my own path (to eventually start Wildscaping Worldwide, UKWT & then the WCB) I used to work in human rights documentaries.  A lot of the documentary work was undercover (I didn't do that bit) so it was very revealing: it was daily life and war, our human determination to survive & thrive, in the most extreme of circumstances, without any glossy packaging.  Those programmes kickstarted a new relationship with our planet for me.


As I worked in human rights documentaries (and compared what I saw to how we humans as a society also treated our planet as a whole) all of the patterns of how we treat ourselves, other humans, our planet as a whole and all other creatures became increasingly evident to me.  It was very obvious to me that we needed to start from scratch & be honest with ourselves, to respectfully co-exist with our planet as a whole.


I think that our planet is designed to be a self-love story, in and of itself, within & about itself.  This handbook contains/features the facts and diagrams necessary to prove that a planetary love story is our natural state: helping us all to start manifesting our planetary love story around ourselves.

'Contents & Excerpts'



I wanted to launch 'Our Planet - A Love Story' with as much oomph as possible.  


We are also in the middle of a fundraiser to enable UKWT to stay open and hire our first group of staff, as the demand for our services has grown so much that we can't run off just volunteer support any more.  We either hire staff or we close.  We can ensure that 10,000 wildlife casualties/orphans get the medical/rehabilitative care that they deserve this year, instead of missing out, if we just have the minimal staff that we require to put in the work.

SO...  Prizes.  Everyone who pre-orders this Handbook can choose to be in with a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes (see below)...

There's 500 chances to win EACH prize (500 preorders of the handbook with a free bonus ticket attached with it, for each particular prize).

All you have to do, to be in with a chance to win these prizes, is choose the prize you'd like (find out about them by clicking on the buttons below) and then click through to the UKWT Ko-Fi shop (they offer digital downloads) to preorder the handbook and you'll also be put immediately into the raffle of your choice.

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