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Celebrate Our Wildlife This Xmas / New Year & Try & Win Some Cash!

Let's celebrate our UK wildlife AND split a New Year pot of cash...  You could win 50% of the pot (the other 50% goes towards our UKWT emergency fundraiser).

TO PURCHASE/PLAY...  Head to our Wild Living Online Shop and purchase our New Year 'Celebrating Our UK Wildlife' Digital Wallpaper (to get you in the festive spirit!) for Phone or Desktop/Tablet.

AND THEN...  £2.61 from each of your purchases will go straight into a Xmas/New Year Money Pot, with 50% to be gifted to one lucky winner at 22:00 on 31st December, 2023, to help them see in the new year in style.

* All players will be informed and the winner announced in our UKWT Facebook Group and by email.


The more people play, the more everyone can win (and the closer we get to our UKWT fundraising target, to ensure medical care for 10,000 wild lives next year)!

It's that simple...

[Our target is to raise £2000... That would be £1000 for you and £1000 for our UK wildlife.  Let's see how close we get!]

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