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Why Does UK Wildlife Transporters Matter, To Me?

I set UKWT up because there was a need (up to 3 out of every 10 wildlife casualties found in the UK were often passing away/stuck in pain purely because they couldn't be transported to Wildlife Rescues/Vet Practices quickly enough/at all) and I knew that I could do something about it.

It wasn’t hard to build a website and set up the necessary maps of Wildlife Rescues in the UK and Volunteer Drivers - being the amazing humans that they are - were quick to step up en masse to help out.

And why do I specifically care?
Because we are all here, as one planet, and we all matter. It really is that simple, to me.

If we can help one another out, shouldn’t we do so? There was a need and I saw that I could help, so I did. Now, I want to help more - because we have only just started to set up any kind of wildlife emergency transport structure in the UK - because doesn’t every poorly/orphaned wild life deserve a helping human hand, if we can make it happen?

As humans, when we’re poorly, we ask for help to get better, if we need to. I think that we all deserve that same help, whatever our species.

We’re one planet, just in a multitude of different forms. If we’re stuck & struggling, we all deserve to have someone fighting for a second chance for us.

UKWT is just one ‘human’ offering another creature (whatever species they are) a helping hand, whether they have spikes, fur, feathers or scales. Why? Because we can. Because they deserve it. Because we ALL matter.

That’s it… Alana xx

PS. Check out the ‘UKWT Then To Now’ steps that have been taken thus far, to be of service to the world around us.


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