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WCB Accountability Officer (Staff Role)...


As part of the ongoing welfare checks for the WCB Holders, Badge Holders submit paperwork every 2 months. This staff role will be ensuring that all paperwork is submitted in full and on time.


For £258 a month in a salary, this role in supporting wildlife rehabilitative care standards is absolutely essential.

UKWT relies heavily on the WCB as it is our only way of knowing that the wildlife that we transport are always being taken in by trained, competent Wildlife Rescues, who work with a Vet, to ensure that wildlife get the care that they deserve.

The WCB Founders (myself included) are currently covering all running costs ourselves and we don't charge any fees for any Rescue to have the WCB. Most of the running of the WCB I oversee voluntarily but we want to support our Badge Holders more (helping great Rescues to do their important work)...

As part of the Wildlife Care Badge requirements, Badge Holders submit regular paperwork: Admission Records, Case Studies and proof of a continued, good working relationship with a Vet.

This accountability procedure has proven the most important part of WCB welfare checks: even more important than the knowledge assessment or the Vet Visit of the premises.

By the submission of these records, we have been able to offer greater support to Badge Holders with high numbers of casualties and ensure that medication records and proper procedures are being maintained, even during the crazy Spring/Summer months.

We try to make the WCB as supportive a community as possible, therefore we have found that we need to support Badge Holders in getting used to the new patterns of submitting paperwork or asking for greater support from us: transport and otherwise. (It only takes 10 minutes a month to submit the paperwork but everyone is still getting used to it).

We have tried to fulfil this role through Volunteers but it's quite a demanding role and we need a reliable, organised, paid member of staff who can dedicate themselves to the task.


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