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Vet Support Officer (Staff Role)...


The VSO will be in charge of finishing the building of our UK Vet Practices Database (listing every Vet Practice in the UK) as well as offering them Volunteer Drivers and the Vet Wildlife Support Package. They will get all GDPR documents signed too.


For the £413 a month in salary to fund a VSO, they will be impactful by offering all approximately 5000 Vet Practices in the UK the Vet Wildlife Support Package AND offering them a team of Volunteer Wildlife Drivers.

Each Vet Practice, on average, sees around 30 wildlife casualties/orphans a month each, during the busier months.By the end of 2027 (as per our 5 year goal) we hope to be supporting the treatment and second chance of 150,000 wild lives a month, during the Spring/Summer months. It will have been the VSO who played a large part in us offering that support.

In offering the VWSP (the 'How To Guide's for Vets to treat wildlife in Practice) we will also be helping Vets to treat wildlife (before moving them on) instead of perhaps feeling that euthanasia is their only high welfare option, due to lack of knowledge.


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