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Here's Some Important Background Info On UKWT...


The whys and wherefores of UKWT are very simple…

  • We are an emergency transport service that enables UK wildlife casualties/orphans to always get to medical/rehabilitative care as/when they need it (essentially, to make sure that they get a helping hand, when they most need it).

  • We fill in the gap for the approx. 30% of wildlife casualties/orphans who get found by humans who can’t transport them to medical/rehabilitative care themselves.

  • We also support Vet Practices. Our emergency transport service enables Practices to treat wildlife casualties/orphans - when they are dropped into the Practices by members of the public - and then they are picked up by us and taken onto Wildlife Rescues, for longer term rehabilitative care. Without our service, a lot of Vet Practices would feel unable to take in and treat wildlife in any way.

For 2 1/2 years we have run on Volunteers only.


I have worked out that I alone (based on a theoretical minimum wage salary) have put in over £102,000 of time, free, to run UKWT.

Our Drivers (based on a theoretical minimum wage salary) have put in over £26,300 of time, free, to transport wildlife casualties/orphans. (They have also offered to cover their own fuel as and when possible, purely because they are SO kind).

Our Admin Volunteers (based on a theoretical minimum wage salary) have put in over £28,000 of time, free, to coordinate transport jobs, to get almost 600 wildlife casualties/orphans to urgent medical/rehabilitative care.


I realised in June 2022 (by which point we had coordinated the transport of almost 600 wildlife casualties to medical/rehab care and also advised members of the public on how to provide help for another 2000 wild lives) that there was a better way for UKWT to operate, where our incredible, kind, loving Drivers could help a great many more wildlife casualties/orphans... Instead of 100s, I realised that we could create a structure that could act as a helping human hand for 10,000s of wild lives by allocating teams of Volunteer Wildlife Transport Drivers to Rescues & Vet Practices, so that Practices & Rescues could contact 'their team' of Drivers directly, to ask for transport support, instead of Rescues & Practices having to go through our UKWT phone lines, to ask us to send a Driver.

I spent June - December 2022 getting that up and running (providing teams of Drivers to Rescues and Vet Practices). By December 2022 demand had grown so much that we started struggling to meet it. By May 2023 we had been going round in circles for 5 months, trying to meet the demand on volunteer support alone and it was impossible.

From January 2023 to ‘now’ we have been stalled, as the demand for our services has grown so much that we can’t meet it (although we kept trying until I finally accepted that it was time for us to step up into a properly funded and more reliable organisation, with staff committing to a minimum total of 85hrs a week of dedicated wildlife loving effort).

With much thought - check out the 31 page proposal - I calculated that we required £30,000 to fund 6 months of staff and basic running costs. During those 6 months we will be able to step up all of our processes to immediately provide emergency transport to approx 10,000 wildlife casualties/orphans.

That’s only £3 per ‘life in need’. No other UK organisation else offers the very specific service that we do: supporting wildlife in the way that we do. It is an essential service and we need to be back up and running...

Will you reward the efforts of all of the incredible volunteers who have got us to this point and help us to take this next step to help wildlife on a much greater level? Will you help us to help 10,000 wild lives, ASAP please?

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