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Driver Support Officer (Staff Role)...


The DSO will be in charge of monitoring the Volunteer Drivers Database for new Drivers, organising getting them set up with carriers & disinfectant & then asking them (using the maps that I will be keeping up to date) which Vet Practices & local Rescues they would like to drive for. They will also be checking in with all Drivers every Friday to ask which transport jobs everyone has done that week so that we can publicly thank them in the UKWT Facebook Group.


For the £826 a month in a salary to fund a DSO, they will be impactful in getting every new Driver that appears in our database equipped and ready to answer calls and be on the road ASAP, saving wild lives. We intend to be serving 100 Vet Practices by the end of 2024 (helping approximately 30 animals per Practice, per month, in the busier months) and we are already offering Driver Support to over 30 Wildlife Rescues. Our prediction is that, in getting new Drivers organised and driving for Practices & Rescues ASAP, the DSO role will be supporting between 3000 - 3500 animals a month, for their salary of £826.

They will also be supporting our Drivers by enabling us to find out about the transport jobs that they undertook that week, to thank them publicly. This might seem like a small task - and maybe even unnecessary - but transport support in the Wildlife Rescue Industry is essential and the life saving impact that these Drivers have must be recognised, both because they deserve it and to also invite more Drivers to support our wildlife in need.

It is very important to us that our Drivers are valued and appreciated by us all and by our UKWT online community. In thanking our Drivers, we also get to share about the animals they helped and perhaps each get inspired by new ideas to support wildlife in our local area.


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