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Veterinary Transport Support Research


Thank you very much for giving this a read.

UK Wildlife Transporters have been helping UK Vet Practices to move wildlife on from their Practices (free) across to local Rescues for 2 1/2 years.

The Wildlife Care Badge has also been offering Vet Practices free wildlife support - in the form of the Vet Wildlife Support Package & WCB Webinars - for almost a year.

Up until now we have been able to fund our efforts from donations & thanks to the kindness of volunteers.

Demand from Vet Practices has grown so much, however, that we need to fund staff who can keep overseeing/providing our services.

(We are taking this as a great sign of how much we all want to help our UK wildlife).

In order to fulfil the demand (and especially to support Vet Practices and Wildlife Rescues to provide medical/rehabilitative care for 10,000 wildlife casualties/orphans during the rest of this year) I am running this research to see if there's a way to fund our work, so that we all win (our wildlife especially).


Just in case you're wondering why I am running this research...

I created a proposal to provide Vet Practices with Vet Wildlife Support Services and I sent it out to over 100 Vet Practices & Veterinary Professionals who were connected in some way with UKWT and/or the WCB .

The feedback so far, from most Veterinary Professionals who have read the proposal, is that whilst their Vet Practice itself might feel they need head office permission to sign up to pay for the services (with most being under corporate control) quite a few people have come forward and asked if they can sign up for the services as individuals, on behalf of their Vet Practice, so that they can better support wildlife in practice and also make the most, I think, of the CPD wildlife sessions we wanted to offer.


So, I thought it worth launching this bit of research to get your official feedback.


I have put up screenshots (below) of the Vet Wildlife Support Services Proposal so that you can see it for yourself.

Please click on the button below to take you to a google spreadsheet to tell me your thoughts on the proposal and what you might/might not like to fund/subscribe to, so that we can all help wildlife together...


Thanks for reading, Alana xx

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