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Ten Ideas...


I would pass on all of these messages/offers to everyone who chose your products/ services as a potential prize...

The Wild Winnings Raffles are genuinely about benefitting everyone - the Rafflers, yourselves, our planet and our wildlife - and so the ideas below hopefully offer ways to build genuine relationships with Rafflers (who were interested in your products) as well as letting them know - with my support - how brilliant you are and how you help us all to live in greater alignment with our planet.

I hope that by letting Rafflers find out about you and helping them to buy from you, in a way that also enriches their lives (if they have chosen your products/services as a prize it might indicate that they need them in some way, so it’s great that they have found out about you as a planet friendly option) we will be helping lots of us to live wilder, kinder lives.


PERSONAL MESSAGE - Personal ‘Thank You For Your Interest’ message... Start off engagement: maybe thanking them for choosing your products/services as a prize, explaining why the work is so important to you (and how your products/ services help our planet) and inviting them to follow you online/mailing list to hear about any updates or any future promotions or just inviting them to ask any questions about the products/company (anything to start building engagement person to person).

SIMPLE DISCOUNT - A simple discount for anyone who wants to purchase. If rafflers wanted one of your products/services as a prize - but didn’t win - you could convert the sale by offering them a discount to buy within 72 hrs (using an exclusive code).

A FREE TREAT (A BESPOKE GIFT) - Gift them money for a free coffee/tea, ‘On Us’ [Eg. “Thanks so much for your interest in our company and our [products/ services]. You might be a bit disappointed that you didn’t win so we wanted to soften the blow. You don’t have to at all, and there is no pressure to do so, but in case you were thinking of just buying the [product/service] that you hoped to win as a prize.... For the first three people who buy the [product/service] that you wanted to win, go out and treat yourself to a coffee/tea and just send us a pic of the receipt & we’ll shout you a coffee/tea to say thank you for being just fantastic and for taking a chance to find out about us and buy from us.”]

FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED DISCOUNT - Exclusive discount for the first three people to buy.

A MULTI LEVEL APPROACH, OFFERING VALUE AND INCENTIVES - [A multi level approach, offering free, planet aligning value as well as incentivising a sale].... A personal ‘Thank you message’ and a free, thoughtful gift to soften the blow of not winning (with the offer that if anyone decided they wanted to buy, you would offer an exclusive discount / free coffee to first three customers who buy / an exclusive discount to first 3 companies who buy). The ‘free value would be’.... Ask me to pass on, on your behalf, a small free Ebook offering some sort of value ... [Eg. If it was my non profit, Wildscaping Worldwide, I would send over a small, few pages Ebook on the foundations of my work and how we can live wildly (and then invite people to purchase my Handbook, if they wanted to build on that knowledge and have more options to work from). If one of our Sponsors was selling wild swimming equipment, they could create - and ask me to pass on - an Ebook about how to warm up after wild swimming and maybe a list of resources for wild swimmers to use, to show that they’re also an expert in their field and that their products are trustworthy.]

BUNDLED OFFERS - Offer unique bundled offers [Eg. “To soften the disappointment of not winning, we have put together this offer, no pressure to take it up, it’s just there if you want it... Buy the product and get this product at a discount.”]

VIP EXTRAS - If you’re a company that’s offering a service, offer anyone who buys (who wanted it as a prize) VIP extras [Eg. If you’re a consulting company, helping businesses to operate more in harmony with the planet by helping them to change aspects of their business, you can offer an extra, personal, 20 mins one to one advice session on helping them to share their new eco-friendly ethos online, with their followers.]

INVITE THEM INTO YOUR COMMUNITY - Think of ways to invite them into your community. Eg. A free trial if you offer a club. An Ebook if they sign up to your mailing list.

RUN YOUR OWN SHORT RAFFLE - Get the people in my database moved across to your mailing list by running your own free raffle for anyone who didn’t win through us. Eg. If they just sign up to your mailing list/email, they can go into your exclusive, one off raffle (so they have a second chance to win, through you, and you get their contact details for future, ongoing engagement).


WELCOME PACKAGE - A ‘Welcome Package’: anything that might then encourage them to purchase the product/service. [Eg. “Thanks so much for your interest in us, especially choosing us as a potential prize. I just wanted to let you know a little about us and the company - why we think our work helps us all to live in greater harmony with the planet and why it means so much to us that you liked us enough to choose us as a potential prize. To soften the disappointment of not having won, we have created this exclusive Ebook - that we hope offers value in the following ways [_____] and if you’d like to purchase from us, we are offering some exclusive discounts/benefits, to say thanks for taking the time to find out about us: [‘Exclusive Discount’ / ‘First Come First Served Discount’ / ‘A Free Treat’ / ‘Bundled Offer’ / ‘VIP Extras or even ‘Our Own Short Raffle’.]]

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