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Driver Recruitment Officer (Staff Role)...


Brainstorming Volunteer Driver Recruitment Campaign ideas and putting them into practice. We intend to recruit 1000s of Wildlife Volunteer Drivers across the UK, to always be a safety net for any of our UK wildlife who might be temporarily struggling.


For the £826 a month in a salary to fund a DRO, they will be impactful in recruiting (as part of our 5 year plan) 1000s of Volunteer Wildlife Drivers so that NO wild life is ever left stuck without the care and (hopefully) the second chance that they deserve.

By the end of 2024, our intention is that myself (Alana) and the DRO will have recruited a few 100 new Volunteer Wildlife Drivers to allocate to 100 Vet Practices as well as Wildlife Rescues, to help play our part in supporting them to treat and rehabilitate 1000s of wildlife casualties every month.

Without Drivers, we can't help every wild life stuck inside a home/workplace, unable to get to medical care. We also can't support Vet Practices in treating & then moving on wildlife casualties/orphans. Transport is a simple but vital part of wildlife care.

With everyone busier these days (or feeling more under financial pressure) we have seen volunteer numbers drop: new Drivers are less easy to access and get in front of. We need a dedicated officer who can commit themselves to finding the Volunteer Drivers so that they can save lives, being the incredible humans and volunteers that they are.


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