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Planet Loving Promotional Sponsorship


I’d like to trial the promotion (through sponsorship) of planet loving products and services (animal friendly and preferably upcycled products/services especially, so that we can start to manifest a wilder, kinder world that serves us all equally, as we take less from our planet) and I would like to do so in such a way that it funds the efforts of UK Wildlife Transporters and the Wildlife Care Badge…


20 places a month (for 20 companies) who each pay £30 for a month's promotion


This sponsorship/promotional scheme has 20 places a month (for 20 companies) who each pay £30 a month on the 1st of every month, starting 1st September 2022.

There's no subscription contract so companies just pay for each month's promotion up front and can stop whenever they like or take a break for a few months and then come back.


What do you get for your £30 a month sponsorship?


  • You will be invited to post/share about your products and services (twice) in the UKWT Facebook Group (and you'll be separately credited through comments on your post and thanked for your support of UKWT and WCB, inviting other members of the group - Drivers and members of the public - to thank you too).

  • Your logo, website and products will be promoted on a new page of this website - launching 1st September 2022 - entitled 'Our Sponsors'.

  • As content for your own online promotion, you can share about your sponsorship of UK wildlife and your support of wildlife welfare (You will be given details mid way through the month on how many Volunteers Wildlife Drivers have been recruited and equipped so far this month, across the UK, thanks to your generosity and support AND how many Vets Practices now have UKWT Drivers supporting them to save wildlife casualties across the UK, thanks to you).

And of course, you will be quite literally supporting UK wildlife and standing up for the rights of all of our planet’s creatures to the best care, especially as almost 60% of wildlife casualties are from direct human impact like road collisions, litter and even poisoning.



If you're a company who purchases one of our sponsorship spots, your sponsorship will fund…


  • Growing and running the Wildlife Care Badge: enabling Wildlife Rescues/Rehabbers to celebrate their medical knowledge and welfare standards, organising and funding ‘Compassion Fatigue Support Session’ for Rescues and Vets across the country, as well as educating members of the public on why it is so important to only take wildlife casualties to an accredited, high welfare Rescue.

  • Recruiting, equipping and funding Volunteer Drivers for Wildlife Rescues & Vets across the UK.

  • Offering our online map of WCB Holder Rescues across the UK for Finders who want to make sure that they are taking the wildlife casualty they have found to a high welfare Rescue/Rehabber.

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