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After transporting almost 600 casualties/orphans in our first (almost) 2 years, we have upgraded our whole structure - find out more HERE - to be able to serve 1500 casualties a month (minimum) this year, 3000 a month (minimum) next year and our five year goal is to be set up to be able to play our part in helping 120,000 wildlife casualties/orphans every month from 2028 (no wild life left without care).

All of this work (described above) is very important BUT it's not more important than remembering that most of these wild casualties/orphans shouldn't have needed help in the first place.  The trouble and challenges that most of our UK wildlife experience are avoidable.

They are the result of habitat loss, lack of sustenance and water resources, litter, traffic, poison and more, all from human impact.


My name is Alana, I am the founder of UKWT and my heart (my passion) lies in playing my part to manifest a wild world, for us all to thrive in (no matter our shape or whether we have feathers, fins or ferns)!  

My non profit organisation, under which UKWT actually operates, is called Wildscaping Worldwide, and I think of UKWT as one of our 'Wildlife Emergency Services'.

But being 'rescued & rehabilitated' is often not a nice experience for a wild animal.  They are mostly terrified from start to finish.  They rarely know that they are being helped.  They should not have needed help in the first place.






So, it makes sense to me to fund as much of our UKWT efforts as I can by helping us all to wildscape our world (so that we are ensuring that our local environments support wildlife first and foremost, so that they can be prevented from getting injured or poorly or orphaned and never have to experience the trauma of being captured by humans, driven around in our vehicles, placed inside our cages and enclosures and handled and injected and splinted etc in order to be rehabbed and released/kept in long term captivity)...



Every handbook sold goes towards keeping us online, our phones and emails up and running and our map software going.

The more Handbooks we sell, the more capital we have to fund carriers, disinfectant and fuel, too.

Obviously, each person can only buy one Handbook, so please let your friends, family and work colleagues know about us, in case they want to help us by getting a little wild too!


Come and play our FREE back-to-front raffle that will (even though it doesn't cost you a penny) fund our work.


Our 'Wild Winnings Extravaganza' is so different, so unique and so smart that no one has ever launched any funding scheme like it before.

As our Games Festival grows, during February to April (until we have all the sponsors we need!) we are creating a funding source of almost £5000 a month for UKWT, now & ongoing.

This Games Festival WILL be our foundational funding platform, starting now and hopefully for many years to come, from which to reliably grow and make sure that 'no wild life is left without care.'



You get a free copy of the ‘Wildscaping Our World Handbook’.


You get to attend online weekly meetings about living wildly - if you want to - with other members. 


Most importantly, you can access funding to help you to wildscape your little patch of our planet, with the support of other members. preventing your local wildlife from, hopefully, needing rescuing now and in the future.

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